Long ago, there was an open audition for guitar players and singers. Two of the guys that showed up for the auditions became friends and in a short time started a band called “The Ohms Brothers”. (The name was based on the fact that many of the pieces of gear bands use have “ohms” ratings. Ohms Brothers is tech nerd twist on names like “The Doobie Brothers”.)

The original 'Ohms Brothers' was a quartet formed by Bud Alsup and Dennis Schilligo with Tom Downar on bass and Kevin Knudsen on drums. Long after the group disbanded, Dennis was working as soloist when Bud showed up and sat in at one of Dennis' performances. The pairing was instantly popular with the crowd and that was the beginning of the 'Ohms Brothers Duo'. When Bud was not available to play in the duo, Dennis enlisted his old friend Guy Kingsbury and the success continued.

These many years later, Bud Alsup and Dennis Schilligo are still good friends and making music together. In those many years both have continued to hone their musician skills and knowledge. Their combined experiences have resulted in a large repertoire of songs and a polished sound.

Bud Alsup - Bud is a fine guitarist whose superior talents as a guitarist and vocalist allow him to step out front or work in the background to enhance the sound of any musical act. He is a player's player who has enormous experience playing with many local entertainers. Bud’s outstanding finger-style guitar work brings an impressive dimension to the Ohms Brothers sound. His vast knowledge and repertoire of popular music makes Bud a crowd pleasing talent.

Dennis Schilligo works hard to be thought of as one of the best singer guitar players in the region. He has had a long and excellent career as a solo singer, guitarist and ensemble entertainer. Dennis' experience from many years of frequent live performances, combined with his extensive knowledge and love of popular music, helped him develop a crowd pleasing repertoire. That experience, knowledge and success was the foundation for the duo work. Prior to his solo career, Dennis was a lead vocalist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in groups around the area.  (Dennis is also a skilled freelance graphic artist with a website at http://www.maxgamut.com.)

Guy Kingsbury is a solid lead vocalist and accomplished guitarist. When Guy steps into the duo role, his vocals and guitar work add a unique instrumental flair to the Ohms Brothers sound. Guy can deliver an engaging lead vocal and guitar performance or stand back and weave an amazing melody with his guitar while delivering bursts of great vocal harmony. In addition to his powerful vocals, Guy's unusual left-handed playing of a right-handed strung guitar (basically upside down) draws a lot of interest from people familiar with the instrument. You can find Guy playing with various local ensembles at many popular venues.

Frequently Asked Questions from Fans or Venue Management:

Q: Are the Ohms Brothers really brothers? 

A: No. The Ohms Brothers is just a name. It is a reference to a measure of electrical resistance named after the discoverer, Georg Ohm. The term "Ohms" is often seen in the technical specifications of musical equipment like loud speakers or other gear.

Q: How did you meet?

A: Dennis and Bud met at an open audition. Dennis and Guy met when both were employed by the same company as graphic artists. All three share a long running mutual friendship.

Q: What kind of music does the Ohms Brothers duo play?" 

A: The best description of the Ohms Brothers sound might be "Modern Classics”, exceptional musical selections from fairly recent times that can connect with people of various ages and backgrounds. The large repertoire includes many of those modern classics from a wide variety of musical genre as well as a number of eclectic tunes that add a uniqueness to the performances. The songs are delivered with well-polished vocals and guitar work that holds the attention of listeners. Repeat bookings at venues attests to the ability to create a sound that audiences enjoy.

Q: How loud do you play?

A: In addition to being well-rehearsed musicians, the Ohms Brothers are tech savvy musicians and have spend a lot of time studying and experimenting with various kinds of musical equipment . They have found the right combination of gear that allows them to play at volume levels appropriate to the venue or situation. Clear sound can be delivered at volume levels that allow the audience members and venue staff to converse comfortably. 

Q: Why the name Ohms Brothers? 

A: As mentioned in the first answer, Georg Ohm was a 19th century German physicist. His work resulted in the unit of measurement for electrical resistance or impedance being named for him, "ohms". Audio speakers and other gear used by musicians often carry an Ohms rating indicated with a number followed by the Greek letter "Omega". That Greek symbol is the inspiration for the Ohms Brothers logo.

Playing with other musicians creates, or requires, a sort of kinship or "brotherhood". The name Ohms Brothers is a parody on the name of the 50's vocal quartet, the Ames Brothers. Plus "The Ohms Brothers" sounded interesting with all that stuff about Ohms Law, electricity, audio equipment, et cetera. Basically, the name is short and unique and then there is that nice Greek omega that is used in many ways. Omega is also the last letter of the Greek alphabet, which is kind of cool in itself. You get the picture.

Here's a little more background and history...

The Ohms Brothers work continuously to improve each performance. One of their goals is to be thought of as among the best live performers in the Saint Louis and Saint Charles region of Missouri. They practice their musical craft in an effort to deliver the best vocal and guitar duo performances possible.

Saint Louis is a city well known for great musicians. To be thought of as one of the best acoustic duos in Saint Louis, audiences must hear exceptional singers or vocalists who can sing a ballad or a rocker or a folk song with style and power backed up with great harmony. The Ohms Brothers work hard to achieve that goal being consider among the best musical duos in the Saint Louis metro region. Exceptional vocals supported by impressive guitar work are combined with depth of musical experience to allow Dennis, Bud and Guy to present some of the best vocal duo work accompanied by outstanding guitar musicianship in the greater St. Louis and St. Charles area.

By constantly expanding and refining his repertoire, Dennis Schilligo strives to be considered among the best solo guitarist vocalists in Saint Louis, Saint Charles eastern Missouri region. His repertoire is a diverse mix of musical styles and songs that appeals to audiences with broad age ranges and tastes. 

The "Ohms musical brotherhood" extends beyond the musicians listed above. Many good friends and musicians have played a part in developing the great sound you will hear when you come to see any of these musical acts. We all owe a debt of gratitude to many other musicians for helping us along the way. 

Dennis would like to express his special appreciation to long-time friends and musicians like Chuck Burchfield, Ron Dudash and Joe Xanders who still provide support and encouragement. It should also mentioned that long ago, in a time before the internet, there were two other original Ohms Brothers, Tom Downar and Kevin Knudson. Special thanks to Tom & Kevin for being there with Dennis and Bud at the very beginning. 

Thanks to all the friends, family, musicians and venue owners that make it all possible but a special thanks to the music lovers that come out and listen! 

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