Everyone has favorite songs that have become part of the sound tracks of their life. The Ohms Brothers is a live music vehicle for songs that move or inspire so many of us.

The original Ohms Brothers was a four piece band with a vision of playing those songs that make up that sound track of life for so may avid music fans. Dennis Schilligo was a founding member and has maintained that vision now for over 3 decades through various ensembles.

The St. Louis and St. Charles region has a vibrant live music scene with many talented musicians. The many members of the Ohms Brothers have been proud to be among that group of hard working musicians. The Riverfront Times and other Metro Saint Louis publications often have polls or articles about the best local bands, best singer, best vocalist, best acoustic act or best male vocalist etc etc. Dennis and the other members of the Ohms fraternity all share a goal of being considered among that level of live music performers from the region. 

It is very gratifying when familiar faces return to multiple performances because they enjoy the music. The interaction with the audience, or being able to fulfill requests, play a big part in the joy of making and sharing music. It’s energizing to play music and have so many nice people smiles, applaud or give "a big thumbs up."

Greg Wood, the publisher of “Missouri Life”magazine attended an Ohms Brothers performance and wrote this in a review,

“You won't believe how good they are until you hear them...Their acoustic/electric blend has perfect balance without blowing you out of the room...". (Missouri Life - June 2009 - Page 14 - Missouri Memo “Listen to the Music”)

Thanks everyone! And "Special Thanks" to all who regularly show up to listen!!!

Do a Google search for “Dennis Schilligo” and you will find numerous examples and evidence of his performing career.

Hear the Ohms Brothers online!

Visit the Ohms Brothers Youtube Site and checkout the video and samples at our YouTube website.

Hopefully you the videos will show why it is hard to find a better singing duo in the St. Louis or St. Charles area.

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Visit the Ohms Brothers on Facebook , you can search for "Ohms" at facebook. Be sure to look at our photo album for a few laughs.

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Visit the Dennis Schilligo Youtube Channel and checkout the audio samples.

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at this link  “Dennis Schilligo Solo Guitar & Vocals”

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